UK Support Services

These services provide a huge range of support and wellbeing advice for people of all ages throughout the UK.

LGBTQ+ Information

Explore the links below for a wealth of information on LGBTQ+ lifestyle and community support.

Strength To Talk

A thought-provoking collection of personal stories shared by courageous (often first time) authors who want to support and normalise men talking about their experiences with mental health.

Fighting through adversity, illness, relationships, rejection, suicidal thoughts and everyday expectations, these authors give real-life insight into the very real struggle facing countless men around the world, as well as their partners, family and friends.  We hope this collection will positively impact anyone suffering in silence and that it will help other men and women reach out, get the help they need, and never feel alone.

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Positive 21

Positive21 is a progressive support group, created with the sole aim of providing emotional support and a confidential discussion and advice outlet to gay, bisexual and MSM men of all ages living with HIV/AIDS.
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